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Amie&Gracie was founded at the beginning of 2013 with the aim of bringing must have but hard to find baby and toddler items to the mainstream market.

I am a mum to a 1 and 2 year old, with a 14 month gap so I know that busy mums don’t have time to waste! I was thinking of gift ideas for my girls when I thought about the twin trike……or lack of one!

Having twins or 2 children close in age means that you cannot push 2 trikes so 1 child always misses out. Wouldn’t it be great if a tricycle existed for BOTH children….. Well now it does :)

I hope you will enjoy finding out about all the new and innovative products that Amie&Gracie is currently sourcing so that we can make being a parent just that little bit easier!

Happy shopping!
Stephanie saunders (founder)